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Physical Education

Coach's Corner

Welcome back to Physical Education class. The P.E. homework for the beginning of the year is to LEARN HOW TO TIE YOUR SHOES!!  We continually have students showing up to class with their shoes untied.  This is a life skill that all students need, so please set aside 10 minutes an evening to practice tying your shoes.  If you have a little brother or sister, please help them learn to tie their shoes if you have already mastered this skill.

We all know that this year is a little different than most years here at school.  Please remember to wear your mask out to P.E.  Once you are safely social distanced at your personal P.E. number spot, you may then take off your masks.  Masks should be carefully folded over and placed into a pocket or hung on a lanyard around your neck so that your hands are free.  You also may leave your mask on if that makes you feel more comfortable.

It is of vital importance that you carry a full personal water bottle to P.E. with you.  The drinking fountains are off-limits this year due to COVID 19.  We are going to be outside whenever possible because this allows us to remove our masks and breath in some fresh air.  It is hot in Florida during the late summer and early fall, so we will need water to keep cool and rehydrate as needed.  Please make sure you write your name or initials on your water bottle and keep it with you throughout our P.E. class so it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s water bottle. 


Coach Prosser

Looking forward to a great school year!  

Go Broncos!